Pressplast - Aluminum and Beyond

Pressplast – Aluminum and Beyond
Pressplast group is a leader in the design, production, manufacturing and processing of aluminum profiles and related products in Israel, the Palestinian authority and Africa, for over 40 years. 
The group is the market leader on aspects of quality, service, and price due to manufacturing enterprises preforming the complex production process, painting, marketing and distributing of aluminum, plastic, and metal products, for shutters and complementary products.
Pressplast manufacturing group:
Schremer A factory manufacturing aluminum profiles, one of the pioneers in it’s field in Israel, has the international standard quality assurance - ISO 9002.
M.Z.P.A A plant for electrochemical costing and electrostatic painting of aluminum profiles, has the international standard quality assurance - ISO 9002.
Kol-Profile A marketing company for Aluminum, plastic and all types of metal profiles for windows, doors, and advanced aluminum systems.
Termo Tris A plant for production and marketing of thermal foam xxxxxxx for Roller shutters.   
Tse'elon An ingenious solution for a smart home Shading solution through slats installed outside the window. Smart, stylish and stands in 40 international standards. Manufactured from the world's finest materials: SOMFY advanced engine company and fine aluminium shading.

Pressplast - Your link to one of the fastest growing markets in the world 
Pressplast is your link to an exceptionally growing market: The OECD report states: Israel is ranked forth in foreign investments and is included in the list of developed countries, however it’s population growth rate is high due to increased childbirth rate and migration.
The Market that includes Israel and the Palestinian authority territories is a total of 12 million people, thus about 3.5 million households – that’s a lot of aluminum.
Join a county in a construction boom and unprecedented development
For years the Israeli construction industry suffered from lack of land for building, which resulted in a severe shortage of housing units. Recently the Israeli government began to promote reforms to allocate land for building hundreds of thousands of housing units. This results in unprecedented building boom and a huge marketing potential.
Come work with us and enjoy the control and standards of Pressplast in a developed market with an amazing growth potential.